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race to the poll of polls only. information reveals american spies based in the u.k. intercepted the top secret communications of former russian president dmitry medvedev during his visit to britain for a g twenty summit as world leaders meet in the u.k. this week the g eight. explosion has reportedly walked to the syrian capital in a neighborhood with numerous embassies in the military airport while washington considers sending lethal arms to the rebels and imposing a no fly zone country. small towns with tear gas and flushed out by water cannon turkish police resort to harsh methods to break up defiant anti-government protesters gathering across the country despite the uproar over the crackdown on istanbul's taksim square. and iran's new president hassan rouhani promise
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is a new moderate course as the west hopes for a major shift in the country's nuclear ambitions and its stance on the syrian called. a top stories on the latest developments you're watching. well it's been revealed that former russian president dmitry medvedev was eavesdropped on that during the g twenty summit in london back in two thousand and nine according to a report in the guardian newspaper other foreign politicians communications were also intercepted revelation emerges as britain prepares to host the g eight summit which kicks off on monday and you know i spoke to want to contribute to ashton a ton see you says a britain has served as a surveillance platform for the u.s. for decades. i think that kind of blanket surveillance we're talking about fake
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internet cafe's of the jewelry being set up blackberries routinely monitored that surveillance is being used and of course with their other agents presumably they were trying to make those talks amenable to washington and british interest these kinds of revelations show that when governments such as britain and the united states come close to worrying they will use this to try and persuade different officials of different governments to sway the u.s. and britain there in this issue then so what role did the u.k. play in all this and in your opinion for many years britain knew or some british people realized that the national security agency was basically using the united kingdom and the largest spying outfit in the united states is here in britain but who runs the spying who or where is the sovereignty people realize that they are living in a state where their media and all institutions surrounding them all industrial
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aspects to civic society are under a kind of surveillance state that is not being covered in the news and alas it had to take this guy working in hawaii a former private contractor to reveal all to the british people i have to tell you already i've noticed in the past few hours since the story came out very little coverage i wonder how the british and american press will be covering this revelation you mention the g. eight summit coming up of course this week i mean catalyst lead to tensions among world leaders if i think being monitored while all this is going on. of course amongst world elites there will be i suppose a level of mirth as they the most expensive food in the world as will get the details of those menus at least if not the negotiations but more seriously i think some of those world leaders should definitely be asking serious questions perhaps of the united nations as to how britain thinks it can get away with this. well
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ahead of the g eight summit syria dominated talks between russia's president and the british prime minister in london two leaders said they shared common ground on the need for a diplomatic solution to the crisis it was artie's party boyko reports from the u.k. capital differences still prevail. well the leaders very said that they are committed to having a diplomatic resolution to the syrian crisis they are committed to organizing this so-called geneva two conference which will see both sides come to the negotiating table in order to discuss a peaceful way out of the quite says but at the same time they both admitted that they have very different approaches and analyses of the situation in syria at the moment while david cameron says that bash our last sad is to blame for everything that's taking place and that he must go suddenly putin says it's less clear and he thinks that both sides are to blame now you know that david cameron has supported the idea of lifting that you arms involved of sending military aid to the
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syrian rebels the bursa person hasn't committed itself to that yet however they have definitely been discussing it they would think the u.s. taking that step now jim a person isn't sure about what will happen if on this are sent to syria and if they fall into the wrong hands. when it comes to selling weapons to our says government who's responsible for the blood including of children i don't think you'll deny that both sides are responsible there's always the question of who's to blame i don't deny that we shouldn't support people opening up other people's bodies and eating the entrails on camera do you want to support these people do you want to. live near putin in response to a journalist's question about why russia provides arms to syria he was quite frank he said russia provides defensive weapons to the syrian the legitimate syrian
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government it's not breaking any rules while it does so and he calls on every other government to act within the framework of international law so what we've got both leaders talking about. seeking out a diplomatic solution on the face of it on the other side we've got some very different actions from the british government so at the moment it's unclear how successful even planning this peace conference is going to be at the g eight summit over the next two days i mean one in syria itself according to the country's state t.v. a powerful blast has hit a neighborhood in the capital damascus reports suggest that it's a could have been caused by a car bomb which there is native near the military airport which is also a hub for government elite forces local media also indicate they have been numerous injuries at the scene and syria's civil conflict could soon enter a new phase in washington decided to rebels this week and possibly impose
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a no fly zone the white house said there assad regime had crossed a line i've actually using chemical weapons but the moscow says the evidence was fabricated all of us who expressed skepticism but only my colleague mattress to discuss the developments with artie's the next yasha asking. this week washington confirmed it has ample proof of assad's troops using chemical weapons against the opposition but the timing seems to be rather strange for that the incident in question allegedly happened in december last year but it's been brought up only now when the government troops are winning the battle after battle according to the russian foreign minister this makes no sense at all from the military point of view and the follow up statement by president obama that he wanted to see the balance of power is restored in the country and possibly even arm the syrian rebels is creating even more grounds for concerns in russia and europe as well so we have russia being skeptical about it are they the only voice or are there others who are skeptical about the u.s. evidence not everyone is buying it the e.u.
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the main allies of the united states they are asking additional checks from the u.n. investigators russia says that the proof gathering process itself was done with violations of international regulations you. know there are certain rules of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons which suggest that samples of blood urine or clothes and soon can be classed as evidence only if these samples were collected by the organizations experts and if these experts controlled the samples and ruta weren't tories are u.s. colleagues failed to surance that these procedures were here to. so why do you think there's been a lot of resistance to accepting this evidence that the u.s. says it has well just let's look at the history let's go back ten years ago to two thousand and three when the u.s. state secretary colin powell was shaking a vial with allegedly anthrax in it suggesting that iraq has weapons of mass destruction chemical weapons we all know where this when so the u.s.
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clearly don't want to step on the same break again the same time another rather concerning statements coming from the u.s. that they are considering implementing a no fly zone over syria which in many cases is the first step for a military and to venture and has certainly a striking resemblance to the iraqi scenario almost a decade ago and so as we've seen the rebels themselves are kind of a very diverse group a lot of interest and a lot of different groups as part of the so-called opposition that they have in the syria are there allegations against them as well i've heard words of regret coming from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov that all claims and allegations coming from the syrian government that the opposition used chemical weapons against them have never been investigated there have been scenes and footage of the opposition testing chemical weapons on rabbits more recently twelve people from al nusra front the syrian militarized opposition brigade were detained in turkey by the turkish police allegedly carrying vials of zareen gas on them so definitely there are no saints here but these claims are not being investigated for some
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reason when mark almond who's a professor of international relations says harsh rhetoric by the west is unlikely to bring peace talks and you closer. if you want to have preconditions which essentially say that one party to the conference is going to leave early and is basically going to exclude it and you've decided who the legitimate government of syria is going to be in its place then it makes it very difficult to hold a conference however david cameron and the americans face a great problem that they're not to talk clear who from the opposition side is going to come and so those are serious doubt that in a sense the west is trying to stage a conference on its own terms without really being in control of the rebels who it wishes to see come out from that conference as effectively be approved. even the most optimistic analysis of the rebels would have to admit there are a variety of people not only fighting a sad but also fighting each other the whole idea that we can be confident that the weapons we supply even if we give them to people we train will stay in those hands
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and those hands when turn of him stars it seems to me to be extremely night in practice i'm afraid the risk is that the sort of people who were actually very use these weapons may initially be primary against the sad but we've seen from afghanistan over the last thirty years to the present day and the chaos in libya were american diplomats and being killed british attacked it's very young what is' to think that we really do control these people on the ground. well developed arrest in turkey now according to the latest reports thousands of people who had gathered on one cruise kennedy avenue another been dispersed by police forces tear gas and water cannons are being used to force the angry crowd out of the store the barricades set up earlier by demonstrators who were attempting to block police on with vehicles it was sporadic clashes with protesters are taking place in other locations around the city with allegations at least makes pepper spray into water cannons they fired these are pictures of the victims earlier sunday at turkey's prime minister gather an army of his supporters for
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a town to rally held in istanbul while police fired tear gas and antigovernment protesters in other parts of the city the istanbul association lawyers names that up to three hundred ninety people were arrested in clashes throughout the day taksim square the symbol of anti government rest was sealed off after special forces drove demonstrators out destroyed temporary camps with reports from istanbul . there are more of confrontations between the police and protesters taking place in other parts of this goal they have been going on really throughout the night and the entire morning they're lesser numbers but it doesn't mean they're less intense than the were last night when clashes erupted after police decided started clearing out taksim square and gezi park an hour after prime minister erdogan has made another announcement that his patience has run out and he said the protesters have until sunday to leave but like i said just an hour later the police began their operation with tear gas water cannons even rubber bullets all of this was used in taksim square and in gezi park literally bulldozers are brought in to get rid of
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the tents and i guess the park at this point is completely clear as well as taksim square gezi park is not open to any public whatsoever no media no medical staff no one is allowed there the protesters have congregated in the streets really close to talks and square last night adjacent to the square they were also dispersed by police pushed back into the city for the same time while the hearing about this thousands of people have marched on to talk to the side of the stumble but they were stopped by police on the bosphorus bridge again clashes erupted there again tear gas and water cannons the situation in turkey remains quite tense at the moment because a lot of people are saying that there is an increasing chozen between the protesters and those people who support the prime minister erdogan and a lot of people believe that he is a matter of fact is the one who is creating that challenge as we show in our report . clashes turmoil blood smoke and even death this has been to cause
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reality for the past two weeks as protests show no sign of subsiding prime minister erdogan shows clear indication he won't budge neither on the prospects of gives you the demolition nor on the requests coming from talks in the square. made the issue between the two parties. more serious than he was before and. he traveled to his supporters telling you spreading some of his own formation about people drinking in mosques or people attacking her square for men and like the people or killing polish men most of those informations were incorrect looters alcoholics extremists foreign agents all bound to wreak havoc in turkey and this is the reality of protests according to our don and though some may believe him others i mean critical of the prime minister. i'm against the protests but i think that these protests come from foreign forces from other countries which are not happy
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with the success and development. that i'm really angry with the government i think the one acts like a ticker tape he does whatever he wants he doesn't hear what other people think. i'm against the protests or seen the park because things are getting out of control also the foreign press show it like a big event and this made the protest even bigger but the government wants to make peace with people. so far however these efforts appear to have resulted in get more clashes in istanbul than in karate throughout the week with numerous reports of police brutality we spoke directly to officers to try to find out their side of the story. from day one we were for three days without sleep or food when you know you can't eat and afterwards we can think about is sleeping we slept on the pavement on the grass or on our shields maximum one hour a day i didn't get face to face with the protesters but i had no access to any
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information my phone battery died so i had no idea why the protests got so big the only things i heard were orders from our commanding officers so. the pressure on police has been so great that according to their union six officers have to meet a suicide while nearly a thousand resigned because of the protests as the protest can. kenya with all participants of the conflicts growing increasingly tired and desperate and the government making no clear effort to ease the tensions some begin to wonder where prime minister dongle prides himself on a building boom in turkey has actually destroyed the very bridges within society in the country in istanbul that in a ghost. or suffered pavey from turkey's republican people's party but these what began as a protest against the redevelopment of a park has exposed the oppression but he took you citizens feel from and once paul says this is a social explosion it's a cultural clash this is i mean it is the youth protecting the part but its job the
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government's very rough response on them as something in the society that is about secular we mun standing against you know journalists who has been exposed been shut down there is no freedom of press in turkey about lawyers who have been just arrested hundreds of them. which was followed by the site they were released we are very concerned not only about the heavy crackdown on the prime minister's words but also the which. may follow everything else in the long run. we are very concerned for it. iranians have chosen
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a pro reformist moderates president to take the place of the outgoing hardline president mahmoud ahmadinejad's son rouhani received over fifty one percent of the vote after promising to open dialogue with the west but some of the most important issues may be out of his reach as roof a national explains. people have taken to the streets of tehran to celebrate the victory all of us on the honeymoon and that is there right now. that's the heart of the experience has provoked mixed feelings a man iran's mistaken said is known as a reformist and carries the hope of many specially in terms of greater freedoms boy around and still runs diplomatic isolation the country has been funded top section spoke of years now over a spencer version of nuclear program during his campaign rouhani has promised to prepare the civil rights structure restrung the economy and complaisance with the
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west his criticize let him use us many times making remarks that cost the country its privileges but at the same time. there is the run realize that the iranian system works with major power held by an elected supreme leader be the president can do little to change things dramatically the supreme leader has the final say on big issues like terence dispute it. syria for example i am certain of those safe bets that the next president can at least take the time out of iran's dealings with the outside world com a chief nuclear negotiator rowhani it's not in his concealed carry approach because pretty hot he comes in you know iraq but here how to deal with the left over from his predecessor is my record on that let me start a legacy or leave a baseline of her public record has been in real estate business for years in iran
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when we ask him to summarize the legacy of president ahmadinejad he talks about it so if you compare that right side increased by one hundred percent since last year we have no hope for the future of the economy is bad and it's getting worse one of the president's promises after taking office in two thousand and five was to make iran's vast oil revenues felt at the dining table of every single family was he leaves behind is a country hit by the worst financial crisis in the years but the raw some who say it's not what it is just who's to blame for the downturn under sanctions were tough recently and it's hard to keep afloat for the president you know the people i'm sure that iran is able to resist international pressure to the iranian economy has been hit hard by strain of ever tougher sanctions imposed successively by the e.u. the u.n. and the u.s. over a kiss ations the country's trying to develop nuclear weapon something which was
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never approved as a lot of ahmadinejad's has been able to stand up to the whole world over wrongs nuclear program and the country's better off for it and have a battle that it paasschen leader will be remembered for is his rhetoric about israel and iran six resident relations reached the point when even war seemed very possible and while it has not exactly been friendly towards israel the way facts have been juggled about him has done more. damage to his reputation that his own wards years ago a statement was mistakenly streamlet it to him which was inequity translated as israel must be wiped off the face of the map and actual words were that israel must vanish from the arena of time and didn't even belong to any way other than the objective is to make up when the kneejerk ability he stands for universal rights where every country would have an equal say but some powers want nothing but dominance and they focused on blocking the name of our president one of this year's
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presidential candidates doesn't agree say let me join the two thousand and nine elections campaign he criticized his advisors and they were off the race that's not the best and most honest way to get the power but in. the deadly protests that raged across the country after the elections are also thought to have undermined our image the result many people were frightened of other let me not talk about my job at all. even those who don't totally support a when you say there is little he can actually do here according to our constitution the supreme leader has much more powers in this country almost every step the president takes should be supervised and blessed by the ayatollah so despite all the controversies surrounding president ahmadinejad it looks like iran will continue to be a force in the region and therefore will remain the fornace side of the us and its allies mahmoud ahmadinejad's eight here presidency provokes mixed feelings
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a very controversial leader he was equally hated the worship here in iran has become an amazing thing in the presidents and the both public defender and in politics today he's here at his home but but his legacy will cost a shadow over the next president some time. race nationality technorati iraq. and more stories for you on lauding looting join the military or go to prison some young israelis are choosing to spend time behind bars right. since the country's military that's wanted dot com for more on this story. for us r.t. when stop the prize for best twenty four hour news program at the monte carlo television festival online we reveal the eye catching coverage that got the attention of the jury. a man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in the u.k. city of birmingham after four people were stabbed at a local mosque the thirty two year old before he attacked a worshiper with a machete on policeman was also injured was trying to arrest the man victims are
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said to be in a stable condition in hospital journalist are said megan told r.t. that the roots of the attacks like this lie in the prisons once it's. in the people that carry out the attacks but also there's a climate of hatred that's been created over the years by politicians in this country and even the media allow for islamophobia to take root in the the physical act the violent act is only the last step before that there's a kind of ideological. base there's a language of hatred that's become mainstream and i think that the first the government has to acknowledge is that there was in iraq and afghanistan have radicalized people i think that's the first issue that they have to accept that foreign policy directive closes i think the other issues about equal opportunities exceptions as to the question of identity so there's so many things that the government can do but unfortunately politicians are unwilling to accept even the first thing which is that foreign policy is
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a right to closing for many young people and until they accept that there won't be any change. well some other world news in brief the south broke obama has reportedly chosen a high powered washington lawyer as the special envoy passed with closing the prison at guantanamo bay sloan is believed to have been picked to head the project responsible for transferring detainees to their home countries while in belfast amnesty international hold a protest amounting obama close the facility detainees at guantanamo bay are in off a month from a hunger strike against or in different detention without charge. for men said to be shiites have been killed in an ambush lebanon's bekaa valley traveling in a truck that was hit by a rocket propelled grenade civil war just a few miles across the border in syria has inflame tensions in the area where sunni muslims support the uprising against bashar assad shiites backed the syrian
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president. and czech prime minister. announce that he will resign on monday after days of political turmoil was forced to quit by bribery and spying scandals have been growing since his chief of staff was charged on friday with ranking members of parliament ordering intelligence agents to spy on people to form m.p.'s an ex minister and i ranking members of the military intelligence have also been detained in the church constitution the government must now step down. at least fifty one people have been killed and dozens wounded in the spate of bombings and got attacks targeting shia muslim neighborhoods across iraq one of the wake of sectarian violence between sunnis and shias what is loosely caffein of takes an in-depth look at what's behind the conflict this left more than two thousand dead since april. may was the bloodiest month seen in iraq in the past five years a surge in sectarian violence that's raised fears of another civil war sunni versus
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shia one country two sects. iraq has been through this before and that divide never really sealed tensions are growing between the shiite led government and minority sunnis inflamed by the raging conflict in neighboring syria to understand the divisions we have to travel to an area off limits to foreign journalists the end bar province following the u.s. led invasion this area was the heartland of the sunni insurgency today it's become the focal point of the anti-government protests. for several months now every friday this scene prayer on the highway to baghdad followed by protests against the baghdad government it's a situation that's reflective of the state of iraq today a country that has been torn apart by war but doesn't seem to be and the closer to healing the wounds in the divisions that have been on the least during that occupation here the sunni protesters who have gathered behind me want
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a different kind of system they want to change they feel that the government doesn't represent them. is one of those protesters he's brought his son to almost every demonstration there flew to residents but not by choice he says he was forced to flee baghdad for fear of arrest by the military and that his sect made him a target of one day a military brigade surrounded the area where we lived in baghdad and started making arrests they were targeting sunday residents and arrested two of my cousins so i gathered my family in the street to flu jab. the demonstrators complain of discrimination arbitrary arrests detention even torture under the rule of prime minister nouri al maliki charges that the government denies. the government systematically driving sunnis from baghdad this is missy. migrations is being done in the open cities are restricted in everything from where we live to the kinds of jobs we can have but in a shia neighborhood
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a different version of the story fearful of retribution for speaking out this residence prefers to hide his identity he tells us of the dangers iraqi shia face from armed groups. we also have been displaced by threats from al qaeda and other militias this used to be a mixed area but people have started exchanging houses between sunni and shia families to safety. some analysts blame the united states for the divisions they build the new system political system in iraq or of the sectarian basis like they made the proportions for the seventies for this. and for the dish and this is very little. those divisions have taken a toll on a rocky youth a generation separated by the threat of violence i know that really affects this thing causes a lot of problems between me and my friends especially if they form a different six we can't work together we'll hang out publicly and.


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